6-16-17 Weekend

Driveway Sunday morning 6-17-12

Bike in Driveway

Sunday morning before a little jaunt around the neighborhoods on 91st Ave.Finally a nice morning. Yesterday started that way, until I had a dead battery at the “Quicktrip” where I filled my gas tank.Roadside Assistance “ROCKS !!”. They showed up in 20 minutes and towed me home. A  trip to “OReilly’s Auto Parts” and I was back in business.Grilled some chicken with  Honey BBQ sauce, some cole slaw, and a dab of mustard potato salad made for a nice dinner. My afternoon/evening bike ride got scrubbed because of a small dust storm, first one of the year. It did turn the sky an eerie orange/ochre color and the humidity shot up. So  the evening was spent running scales and recording a little vamp on guitar. May post it later if time permits.