Things I Learned or Just Figured Out

Interesting tidbit on city or urban bike riding : If you have a quick adjust seat clamp, take your seat off and carry it with you if you leave your bike locked or unattended for any period of time. I have a pretty nice seat and I was told that seat theft is a common thing. I also made a mark on the seat post with a sharpie pen for easy height alignment on reinstall of seat. Another tip I figured out is that 700c x 38 tires at 75 psi are not particularly good in sand !  Although at the time I had no choice but to ride through sand on a detour because a gate to a bridge crossing a river bed was locked. It was on one of my morning rides to work, and I had to backtrack to a maintenance road and then it was 1/4 mile down the sand path to the river bed. Next I faced the 30 foot concrete waterfall which had 3 foot tall steps made to cascade the river when it was in flow. I made it over that and then another 1/4 mile of sand and rock up the other side of the riverbed. So I learned to carry my key to the bridge gate with me instead of leaving it on my desk at work.

Locked bridge and dry waterfall.

That is the google earth image of the New River Trail in Peoria AZ. Still even with the detour it was an enjoyable ride in the morning. I also learned that if you are on your own in the desert you are really up to your own devises to procede or turn back. I posted another less eventful ride to work on “youtube” .Viewable  at this link: