95% Complete Mongoose Hatchet

So the Hatchet, my mountain bike, is almost the way I want it now. I installed new brake levers, front disc brake and rotor, rear linear pull v brake, Kool Stop rear bake pads, rear oil damped shock, front and rear derailliers, white shift cable housing, and orange brake cable housing with teflon cables. I have teflon shift cables on order and will slap them on soon. I also updated the paint job and added pinstripe and a couple of “Mongoose” stickers. This is a big bike once you are on it,

Mongoose Hatchet

mostly due to the 29″ tires and high ground clearance. Actually the only original parts left on it are the frame and wheelset. I really enjoy this bike, its comfortable and very torquey. It is capable of far more than I will ever put it through , but its nice to know it has what it takes if i need it. I took it for a 3 mile ride today and it handled perfectly.

Brake and cables 












All Creatures Great and Small

That is by James Herriot. “James Herriot was the pen name of James Alfred Wight, OBE, FRCVS, also known as Alf Wight (3 October 1916 – 23 February 1995), a British veterinary surgeon and writer, who used his many years of experiences as a veterinarian to write a series of books of stories about animals and their owners. He is best known for these semi-autobiographical works, which are often referred to collectively as All Creatures Great and Small, a title used in some editions and in film and televisionadaptations.” < copied from Wikipedia. Very good reading if you are interested. Which brings us to the creatures considered small.

A black widow spider

Here is a picture of a black widow I ran into Wednesday morning. The picture does not do justice. Very pretty red triangle with white markings on the three corners. Don’t get me wrong I am not crazy about arachnids. I have been stung by scorpions 3 times since April. Seems to be an especially prolific year for those buggers. But she sure was pretty. I do have a healthy respect for those things but still they are a significant improvement over say, mosquitoes and crickets ( good for fish bait though) and cockroaches. I do belive a bug that traps flies and other bugs is worth our respect. Not that I endorse letting them proliferate too much. So as long as we both keep our distance I think I will refer to Bob Dylan and,,” You go your way , and I’ll go mine.”

I had an interesting bike ride yesterday morning. A half hour after a rain and nice clear air. Traffic was out in full force, but the car drivers were extremely yielding to me , which was nice. Only skidded to a stop once and that wasn’t even close.

I am doing some final upgrades on the Mongoose Hatchet mountain bike and I will probably post some thoughts and pictures of that tomorrow.


Empire Upgrades flowing Rivers and,,,Dogs

I put new in-line or cross brake levers on the Empire and new cables and housings. Tecton Levers and Jagwire cables. Wow, what a difference. The levers make it so much more safe and comfortable to ride the drop handlebars, knowing the brakes are accessible at all hand positions. Liking the Jagwire too, coated with a  black slick stuff, (Teflon?).

Levers and cables.

The commute thursday was scrubbed due to the fact that the trail was closed for flooding. The runoff from a cave creek storm had made its way down to my part of the trail. It will be interesting to see if its ridable next week.Took a nice 5 mile ride this morning, all went well untill about 3 blocks from home. A big female 40 lb dog was loose and she came barking and running toward me from across a parking lot. I got my foot out of the left clip and booted her in the jaw but it was sort of a defence move, if I hadn’t slowed down I would have hit her at about 13 mph. That would of caused  quite a tumble. I think I will pick up some pepper spray and a small airhorn !