Red Guitars Pt II

Okay here is a red Strat, a Squire 2007-8 E-Bay prize I got for $150 brand new.

Squire Strat

It has a nice maple neck, with a 9.5 radius. This is not my preference on neck curves, I prefer a 14 radius but the 9.5 is pretty standard for a Strat. I have replaced the pickups with Lace Golds, awesome improvement. I also rewired the tone pots to affect the bridge pickup, ala Eric Johnson. Standard strats have the tone pots trimming the neck and middle, EJ has the tone trimming bridge and neck and leaving middle unaffected.

Standard Strat Wiring

Eric’s Strat Wiring

I also replaced the pickguard with a nice pearl one and cut the whammy bar down about 1 3/4″

Pickups and guard, shortened whammy.

Red Guitars

I have a number of guitars and a few of them are red.

Left to right: Epi Mahogany L P, Gibson S G Melody Maker, Carvin DC4, Epi Hummingbird Artist, Squire Strat.

Two of them, the SG and the DC4 have floating Trems. The SG sports a Wilkenson and the DC4 has a Floyd Rose.
Both work good and remain in tune even when I abuse them with dives and pulls.
The SG was purchased used sometime around 1973-74 and I modified it around 1997. I probably ruined the collector value of this rare 1967 guitar, however it now has a beautiful tone and great playability. I installed 2 single coil and 1 humbucker pickups with independant switching. I replaced all the potentiometers and capacitors and wiring. The master volume has an “off” detent to silence the output.


The DC4 is a really nice guitar too. It was custom built to my specs and the only 1 like it in the world. It features a mahogany body and neck with a 1/4″ maple carved and crimson stainded cap, the fretboard is birdseye maple. I am a huge fan of maple fretboards. The tone pots have push/pull switches for coil tapping. I added a few mods to the Floyd trem. An Eddie Van “D Tuna” for drop D tunining on the 6th string.

DC4 with D-Tuna

I also added a big block sustain block to the Floyd along with a “Tremelo Black Box” trem stabilizer, from “”( A great place for all things trem.)

Black Box stabilizer with Big sustain block.

Both guitars feature Sperzel Locking Tuners, My absolute favorite machine heads.


Empire XL Modified

I decided to switch the drop bars on the Empire. I have the Kestrel road bike so the Schwinn was parked in the back room collecting dust. I got some Origin8 Urban Pro bars and Shimano Brake/Shifter combos. The bike is quick, and very responsive. I will be out today for a few miles once the frost clears and give it a real test.

Old Bars

New bars

Ready to Ride