Live Crowes 11-20-2013

Rich n Chris

The Black Crowes in Tempe 11-20-13
The Marquee Theater , it was my first time there. Interesting place. After getting by the gestapo security it was a good venue for the Crowes. The show was 1 of the best Black Crowes shows of the 3 I have been to. Their 2 year hiatus must have been good for em. I truthfully haven’t been a huge fan of the last few studio albums, 1 or 2 memorable songs on each since “Lions”. But Live they are still EXCEPTIONAL.
These guys roll their own and no show is the same so I have lucked out the last 2 times getting a dose of my favorites tunes and some pleasant surprises. The sound was good and the house was pretty enthusiastic. I worked my way to Rich’s side of the stage and got so his amps were louder than the house mix. Sweet. Here is the setlist:
Good Morning Captain
Jealous Again
Hotel Illness
Goodbye Daughters of the Revoulition
By Your side
Sister Luck
Wiser Time
Oh! Sweet Nuthin
Thorn In My Pride
Hard to Handle> Hush> HTH
She Talks to Angels ( Sorta Acoustic, Rich rocks.)
Dixie Chicken

Dixie is the 1st time played on the 2013 tour.

If you get a chance, go see em.

The Black Crowes are:
Rich Robinson Guitar, vocals
Chris Robinson Vocals, guitar, Harmonica
Sven Pipien Bass, backing vocals
Jackie Greene Guitars, Backing Vocals
Steve Gorman Drums
Adam MacDougall Keyboard

The 2013 tour has the Crowes hitting on all 8 cylinders and they seem to be having fun playing.
Here are some examples from their show ,( I may be pushing my luck posting these but enjoy them while you can)

This one is Oh! Sweet Nuthin, a Lou Reed/ Velvet Underground tune, a nice detour for the Crowes Sung by Rich Robinson ( its 9 minutes long)

Oh Sweet Nutthin

This next one is Wiser Time it’s 20 minutes, a great jam with touches of Jerry in it ( you deadheads will know what I mean)

Wiser Time,

They are good rockin!

Gretsch Jumbo and the Rancher Bling

Bee Bop a Lula I got a Gretsch guitar.
Here’s what it looked like when I got it.
Stock Rancher Jumbo

So I spent a day practicing my scroll saw and beveling skills. I made 2 book matched pearl pickguards and believe me, they were VERY labor intensive.
Here is the result.
Rancher Deluxe

Close up

It is not perfect but it is hand made and 1 of a kind.