Ibanez AF75TDG-IV Redux

Time to upgrade the Ibby. Full hollow body laminated maple with 2 lackluster stock pickups.
I bought this a few years ago on sale at Guitar Center. I played the 3 they had in stock and this one was the best of the lot. Solid axe really, good neck , fair tuners, finish was flawless. Here is how it looked new.
I got a couple of GFS “Retrotron Liverpool” humbuckers for $80 at Guitar Fetish , along with 2 gold switch tips and a Chet style tremolo arm from Amplified Parts for
1st step is to strip it out.
Here are some workbench pix.

Lots of soldering and I also decided to use the old switch as a neck pickup coil split, and drill for a selector switch in a more appropriate spot, the upper bout where they BELONG!!

TADA… the final project. It has much more definition in the pickups and that certain twinge of bayou that a good hollow body should.


Panning in the Backyard

Here is a fine little inexpensive panning station I set up in the yard. I copied it directly from
” Askjeffwilliams.com ” on Youtube. It is portable to so you can pack it into the field and use it almost anywhere. Jeff Williams has tons of good videos for prospecting and I highly recommend watching them.




So I collected a couple more buckets of dirt last Tuesday after work and I am about to see if they have any gold. I screened them down to 1/4″ and panned them out.


Check your screen before tossing it into the tailings you might find some interesting rock.



Well it was a bust no gold to speak of just a few specks that were to small to even tweezer out.


So now what to do with the tailings, I use them for my landscape and garden borders, also starting a small rock stockpile for future use.




I also used the panning water in the garden so it wasn’t wasted.
Go outdoors and have some fun, and remember to visit
Ask Jeff Williams