New to Me Beater Jeep

1993 Grand Cherokee Limited, 146,500 miles. It’s a 4.0 straight 6, one of the most bulletproof engines Chrysler ever made. This baby needed/needs a lot of work but I have it driving and running pretty good right now. I have new front axles on order, I will tackle them next 3 day weekend. I replaced the driver’s door lock switch, oil level sensor, changed the oil and filter, air filter, a few new fuses, and installed a new stereo and speakers. I also had to repair the non opening rear lift gate and driver side rear door.
The upside is it was cheap and it is red, it has almost new tires, engine is strong and peppy, and the A/C works good.

jeep (5)

jeep (11)

jeep (10)

Happy Trails to you.