Café Upgrade

Today I installed a new chainring on the Café Century.
It originally came with an FSA VERO TRIPLE 50x39x30T, so I picked up a new old stock FSA VISION 53T chainring. This thing is a carbon clad aluminum ring. I just came in from a quick 10 minute ride to set the shift and tab. It seems to work pretty, pretty good.

Café with new gear
Café with new gear

Vision 53T
Vision 53T

So I will take it out tomorrow for a proper spin, cheers!

” Every time that wheel turns ’round, you’re bound to cover just a little more ground.” -Jerry Garcia

Café Century Hybrid Bike

In the search for a all purpose city, trail, path, and commuter bike I sprung for a 2016 Motobecane Café Century bike. This thing is about the most affordable carbon frame bike I could find. I opted for the 58cm V-brake version over the disc simply because I have wheelsets that are compatible, plus the frame itself accommodates up to 40c tire width. It has an adjustable stem, FSA 175mm cranks, 50-39-30 chainring, 9 speed 11-32 Tooth SRAM cassette, Shimano 441 shifters, RD-M591-L rear and FD-R453 front mechs. So of course I had to add my own touches. Relatively lightweight platform/clip pedals, these things work great so far. A Selle Italia saddle, very comfy on a 10 mile ride so its a keeper. Jagwire cables, silver housing for shift with inline adjusters, red housing for brakes. Locking ergo soft rubber grips. Koolstop rear brake pads on a Shimano M422 brake. Vuelta 37mm deep wheels with blade spokes, capped with 32c urban tires.

Cafe Century

Broadside Cafe


Selle Italia XT


Platform/clip pedal




Trail marker

On the trail

On the trail 4/24/2016

Trails end

End of the road

Mongoose Wheels

I broke off the back half of my front fender on the Mongoose Hatchet this morning.
I put on a new wheelset and cassette on the Hatchet yesterday. WTB Freeride 29 Dual Duty’s with Shimano hubs. Shimano 7 speed cassette and spacer, 13-34 T. I took it out last night for a ride after the temp got down to 103 or so and dropped the chain 3 times. Adjusted the RD and went out this morning, nice and crisp shifts except for indexing the #4 sprocket on an upshift. It hits 4 fine on the downshift. I don’t know if its just a sticky cable or what, but no dropped chains and all other gears are right on. So I snapped the fender off hopping over the stupid landscape rails in my front yard, dang it.

Mongoose wheel

Mongoose wheel

Mongoose wheel

Mongoose wheel

Mongoose wheel

Mongoose wheel

I put some low tread tires on the old wheels too.

Mongoose wheel

And some fenders on the Network , I am really liking this bike around the neighborhood and paved trails.

Mongoose wheel

More Biking

So I have been riding this bike now for a month, it is a great city hybrid bike with 38cm tires. They do not blink turning in wet sidewalks or get caught in expansion cracks. It is a Schwinn Network 3.0

Schwinn Network 3.0

But today I felt the need for speed. I took out the Talon. What a blast. It is so light and the acceleration blows me away.


And here is a close-up of my frame decal.



I posted this on facebook but I will put it here too.

Hey, HELLO all you worldwide facebooker friends. What an exceptionally nice day today. Not only was it a day off from the hustle and bustle of Spring Training, but a beautiful sunny day here in Arizona. I biked over 10 miles today, grilled some burgers and sipped a few glasses of wine and now BEWARE because I am at the typing keyboard and feeling GRATEFUL.
The man in the purple pajamas retired yesterday leaving a void so I am taking it upon myself to pontificate for a bit, before a red pajama gets promoted.
I read a post earlier that struck me as funny. Seems there is a movement, or indignation? That a newly minted coin in USA does not say “IN GOD WE TRUST”. Now I assume the god referred to is the Judeo-Christian god we know from King James.
People were posting that you should ask for different money if offered this coin as change or otherwise received one. I will gladly accept these coins if you feel they are not to your liking ( Message me for my address).
Seriously, the god 99% of Americans believe in is the King James god and here is the deal. Remember his son? Jesus if I recall, overturned the tables and ran rampage in the tents of the moneylenders in the markets of Jerusalem. Seems to me like he was opposed to credit and money for money’s sake. Do you really think he would care if his dads name was on a coin? I believe exactly the opposite.
One more thing is the separation of church and state. Our nation is still founded on the constitution and it CLEARLY states that they should remain separate. TJ, (Tommy Jefferson, a close personal friend ) would be appalled.
NOW NOW, please don’t think I am sacrilegious. I feel that If one is truly spiritual and believes in the inherent good of man they do not need to publicly enforce there beliefs on others. In fact The book of Matthew says pray in solitude and privacy.
The good we spread to others is a mighty force and we need not lower ourselves to the petty trappings of material things ( pretty metaphysical there ain’t I?) I will go FURTHER, inside us all is a force that is godlike, if we tap into that we can overcome hardships and realize exactly what is important.
Like dancing like no one is looking.

Heavy stuff but time is short and rust never sleeps, ROCK N Roll.

Empire XL Modified

I decided to switch the drop bars on the Empire. I have the Kestrel road bike so the Schwinn was parked in the back room collecting dust. I got some Origin8 Urban Pro bars and Shimano Brake/Shifter combos. The bike is quick, and very responsive. I will be out today for a few miles once the frost clears and give it a real test.

Old Bars

New bars

Ready to Ride