A Week of Wrenchin’ and Some Achin’

Saturday November 1st.
Trips to the tool and auto parts stores. Next the grocery store for some Vino and supplies.
Sunday the 2nd.
Sun is just up and its time to tackle the first axle shaft on the jeep. Jacked the thing up with new rapid lift floor jack and removed the wheels. I am following the instructs on “Youtube” and my Haynes manual. I will let you know a tip here, I have the Chiltons manual too but I find that too generalized due to the fact it covers like 20 years of Cherokees and not to specific for my 1993 model. So after removing all the parts blocking the hub I have to get the damn axle nut off and it was giving me grief. Luckily my neighbor offered his help and I got it removed and hammered/pried the hub off. Long time now, its about an hour before sunset. Installation was pretty easy, buttoned things up, put the wheel back on and took the tools inside. 3 bottles of vino and 7 hours.
Monday the 3rd.
Today went much easier. I knew what I was in for and had the whole thing done in 4 hours and a bottle and a half of vino.

Painted the calipers with high heat ceramic paint.

Tuesday the 4th.
Today I was going to do the lift and shocks. I removed the front right coil and installed the 2″ riser. I could not get the spring back in without removing the sway bar links even with the new spring compressors. This proved to be to risky due to the nature of the links. 20 year old rust and the stress I would have put on the link arms loosening them made me decide to wait until I could afford new links and sway bar bushings, so I just did the shocks on the front and the steering stabilizer. I greased all the suspension and shafts, then called it a day. Another 6 hrs and 3 bottles of wine.

I have gotten sore as the dickens now. This getting up and down under the car takes its toll on my 60 year old joints!
Wednesday the 5th.
Rear shocks and done 2 hrs.
Thursday the 6th.
Throttle body and idle control removal, clean, and reinstall. 1 hr. Test drive, it runs better.
Friday the 7th.
Auto parts store for gear oil and a rear differential plug, then grocery store for more vino.
Damn, 1/4 mile out of auto store a weird noise. Had to order the plug from Mesa store and it wont be here until late afternoon.
Saturday the 8th.
Topped off fluid in rear differential. Front fluid was creamy NOT GOOD! It looked just like a chocolat milk shake. I pumped it out and headed back to the store for more fluid. I filled the front differential and jacked up the jeep to find the weird noise from yesterday. BINGO! It was just the right front brake dust guard rubbing on the rotor. I bent it out and all is good, it did score the outer edge of the rotor a little but that wont hurt.
I am Done for a while, sore as hell but the jeep runs good. I took it on a real test drive and rolls really nice with new shocks and full lube job.
off to the races!

1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited III

I tore the dash apart to get at the air ducts. I also put some white gauge overlays on while I had it apart. I had the dealer put on a 2″ class III hitch receiver under the Chrysler gas tank recall at no cost to me. Then I installed a cheap Wal-mart cargo basket and some nice LED fog lamps.


Factory Dash

Overlay Install

Dash back in place. All vents work and white Gauges, I like em.

Fog Lamps and cargo rack.

93 Grand Cherokee Jeep Update

I have replaced the 2 front door interior panels, repaired the liftback lock so it opens, replaced the gas struts on liftback, replaced the climate control panel, and installed new Pioneer stereo and speakers. Here is a shot of my cheap and quick hood clear coat cancer repair.

Hood repaint

Front yard pictures.




I also replaced the plugs,, they were pretty nasty.

Spark Plugs

New to Me Beater Jeep

1993 Grand Cherokee Limited, 146,500 miles. It’s a 4.0 straight 6, one of the most bulletproof engines Chrysler ever made. This baby needed/needs a lot of work but I have it driving and running pretty good right now. I have new front axles on order, I will tackle them next 3 day weekend. I replaced the driver’s door lock switch, oil level sensor, changed the oil and filter, air filter, a few new fuses, and installed a new stereo and speakers. I also had to repair the non opening rear lift gate and driver side rear door.
The upside is it was cheap and it is red, it has almost new tires, engine is strong and peppy, and the A/C works good.

jeep (5)

jeep (11)

jeep (10)

Happy Trails to you.

Ibanez AF75TDG-IV Redux

Time to upgrade the Ibby. Full hollow body laminated maple with 2 lackluster stock pickups.
I bought this a few years ago on sale at Guitar Center. I played the 3 they had in stock and this one was the best of the lot. Solid axe really, good neck , fair tuners, finish was flawless. Here is how it looked new.
I got a couple of GFS “Retrotron Liverpool” humbuckers for $80 at Guitar Fetish , along with 2 gold switch tips and a Chet style tremolo arm from Amplified Parts for
1st step is to strip it out.
Here are some workbench pix.

Lots of soldering and I also decided to use the old switch as a neck pickup coil split, and drill for a selector switch in a more appropriate spot, the upper bout where they BELONG!!

TADA… the final project. It has much more definition in the pickups and that certain twinge of bayou that a good hollow body should.


Panning in the Backyard

Here is a fine little inexpensive panning station I set up in the yard. I copied it directly from
” Askjeffwilliams.com ” on Youtube. It is portable to so you can pack it into the field and use it almost anywhere. Jeff Williams has tons of good videos for prospecting and I highly recommend watching them.




So I collected a couple more buckets of dirt last Tuesday after work and I am about to see if they have any gold. I screened them down to 1/4″ and panned them out.


Check your screen before tossing it into the tailings you might find some interesting rock.



Well it was a bust no gold to speak of just a few specks that were to small to even tweezer out.


So now what to do with the tailings, I use them for my landscape and garden borders, also starting a small rock stockpile for future use.




I also used the panning water in the garden so it wasn’t wasted.
Go outdoors and have some fun, and remember to visit
Ask Jeff Williams

Gold Fever

I panned a few buckets of red dirt and sand I brought back from Lake Pleasant.

That crushed red granite is a pain in the ass to pan. Here is what I recovered. I probably lost ten times this the first few pans as it is so tiny and light . It is less than 0.02 grams recovered from about 150 lbs of dirt and rock. I’ll try to find some richer paydirt in the future.

Tiny gold

Tiny gold no flash